Helena Lose

Природа, покой, свобода.


I took lots and lots of private lessons from the great artists in Riga, and outside the country, in Germany and other European countries. Few years of the Riga's Academy of Arts brought me to the realization that I couldn't be jammed into the academic norms. I was always a free spirit and was looking for my own ways of expressions. My perspective on life and my feelings towards the world changed dramatically with my son's birth.
I clearly realized what was important to me as an artist. And that wasn't just the geometrical forms and proportions, but the capture of the emotion and the mood.
That wasn't the Academy's way, but that has become MY way. And since that moment nothing could stop my creativity and my passion.
People started to learn about me and my Art. In 2015 I was invited to exhibit my first painting "The Taste of the Fall" at the Art Gallery in Riga. Since then I've been lucky to show and sell my works in different parts of the world. My paintings found their homes in America, Mexico, Germany Finland and of course in my native country.
And today am looking forward to a new and exciting journey of the artistic expression and experiences.


2005-2008 Частные уроки. Рига., Latvia
Helena Lose

The artist at work

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